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As our clients will tell you, our highly trained therapists are apart from the rest. Our team is selectively chosen for their experience, specialized skills, tactile qualities, and attention to detail in searching your muscles for problem areas. We're confident you'll notice... and feel the difference.




Any One-Hour Massage


At the Regular Price of 45 Minutes


$59 (Save up to $18)


Gift Certificates Must Be Ordered By Phone: 330-899-9998

 Limited Time Offer!  Max 2 per recipient.  Not valid 2/12-2/14



3570 Executive Dr., Suite 201-C

Uniontown (Green), OH 44685

Serving Green and Surrounding Areas since 1991

Licensed by the Ohio State Medical Board



Sales Tax Included

$2 Discount per massage if paying by Cash or Check


  • Medical/Therapeutic Massage:                                                  Neuromuscular Therapy, Trigger Point, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Post-Isometric Stretching, Positional Release

    • .5 Hour $45,  1 Hour $77,  1.5 Hour $102,  2 Hour $127

  • Swedish Relaxation Massage

    • .5 Hour $43,  1 Hour $65,  1.5 Hour $97,  2 Hour $117


  • Sports and Stretching Massage 

    • (Same rates as Medical Massage)


  • Pregnancy Massage

    • (Same rates as Medical Massage)                       


  • Couples' Massage (Our "Candlelight Duo'") 

    • Swedish Relaxation Per Person:    1 Hr. $65,  1.5 Hr. $97,  2 Hr. $117

    • Medical/Deep Tissue Per Person:  1 Hr. $77,  1.5 Hr. $102,  2 Hr. $127


  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage--relieves swelling that happens when medical treatment or illness blocks your lymphatic system.

    • (Same rates as Medical Massage)


  • Craniosacral Therapy-Uses a light touch to examine membranes and movement of fluids in and around the central nervous system.

    • (Same rates as Medical Massage or add to any session)                                                                                                                        

  • Reiki--A Japanese energy-healing technique that is a subset of alternative medicine used to activate the natural healing processes of the patient's body and restore physical and emotional well-being.       

    • (Same rates as Swedish Relaxation or add to any session)                                                            

  • Therapeutic Touch--Energy balancing which may aid in healing and promote pain and anxiety relief.

    • (Same rates as Swedish Relaxation or add to any session) 



Due to COVID-19 guidelines mandated by the Ohio State Medical Board in May, 2020, we are suspending all "specialty massages" to avoid any safety issues with sterilization of necessary equipment.  



Availability is flexible Monday through Saturday.  Sunday appointments may be accommodated when available.  Schedule by appointment only at 330 899 9998. 



Gift certificates may only be purchased by phone order at this time.  We can mail them to you or the recipient, or you may pick up. Faster Delivery options are available within 6 miles.



Due to COVID-19, we are observing strict guidelines mandated by the Ohio State Medical Board.  We will temporarily be limiting the number of daily appointments and allowing ample time between appointments.



If you need to cancel or reschedule for whatever reason, and especially if you are not feeling well, we request only that you contact us as soon as possible. There will be no penalties for cancellations.



  • Massages are by appointment only. (No walk-ins)

  • Please reschedule your appointment if you have a fever or have any illness symptoms OR if you have been in close proximity with a Covid-positive person.

  • We ask that you wear a mask upon arrival or one will be provided for you. You will be required to wear the mask throughout the massage except when lying on your stomach. (We will be wearing masks as well.)  

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Phone: 330.899.9998

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3570 Executive Drive

Suite 201-C

Uniontown, OH 44685

(We are in Green, Ohio)

We answer your calls whenever available, preferring to schedule your appointment between 8:30 AM and 6 PM.


Leave a message at any time and we return calls ASAP. 


Massage Appointment Hours


Availability is flexible Monday through Saturday. 


Sunday appointments may be accommodated when necessary.

Schedule only by appointment at 330-899-9998.